Mick Peter

Born in Berlin, 1974
Lives and works in Glasgow (GB)


2008 PhD: Glasgow School of Art (GB)
2000 MFA: Glasgow School of Art (GB)
1997 BA: Ruskin School of Fine Art, Oxford (GB)

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Old Ghosts, The Holburne Museum, Bath (GB)
2021 Gerroff!! (Or User Feedback), Hospitalfield House, Arbroath (GB)
2020 Bonington Vitrines #15: Nomadic Vitrine with Mick Peter, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham (GB)
2019 To Me, To You, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead (GB)
2018 Breaking News Deborah Bowmann, Brussels (BE)
The Regenerators, Glasgow International Director’s Programme, Glasgow (GB)
2017 Cuts and Tears, Crèvecoeur, Paris (FR)
110%, Workplace gallery, Gateshead (GB)
Those Pesky Kids, Gallery Celine, Glasgow (GB)
2016 Pyramid Selling, Drawing Room, London (GB)
2015 Pyramid Selling, Tramway, Glasgow (GB)
2014 Porcine Lout, Crèvecoeur, Paris (FR)
Popcorn Plaza, Jupiter Artland, Part of GENERATION: 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland, Edinburgh (GB)
Almost Cut My Hair, Tramway Hidden Gardens, Part of GENERATION: 25 years of Contemporary Art in Scotland, Glasgow (GB)
2013 Trademark Horizon, SWG, Glasgow (GB)
2012 Lying and Liar, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh (GB)
2011 Tao Foam, Grimm, Amsterdam (NL)
Two Nots, Galerie Crèvecoeur, Paris (FR)
2010 The Nose: Epilogue, Cell Projects, London (GB)
Dr Syntax versus the Paperweight, The Changing Room, Stirling (GB)
The Nose, La Salle de bains, Lyon (FR)
2009 The Lumber Room, Crèvecoeur, Paris (GB)
Harmonielehre, Zoo Galerie, Nantes (FR)
2008 Harmonielehre, Generator Projects, Dundee (GB)
Galerie de Multiples, Paris (FR)
Moldenke Fiddles On, Glasgow Project Room, Glasgow (GB)
2007 Yussopov Park, Fortescue Avenue/Jonathan Viner, London (GB)
2006 Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (GB)
2005 Galerie Nomadenoase at Fortescue Avenue/Jonathan Viner, London (GB)
2004 They Made Nests Inside Men’s Sunday Hats, GSS Gallery, Glasgow (GB)
2003 Vathek Print Works, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (GB)

Group Exhibitions

2021 Dark Matter, group show, Workplace Foundation, Newcastle (GB)
Drawing Biennial 2021, Drawing Room, London (GB)
2020 Pangonline, online video project, Les Bains-Douches, Alençon (FR)
2019 Everything Must Go (Pt 2), Workplace Foundation, Gateshead (GB)
Touching From a Distance, Workplace Foundation at the Conduit, Gateshead (GB)
2018 Voyage au long cours, FRAC Normandie Caen, Caen (FR)
Vol au vent, FRAC Normandie Caen, Caen (FR)
Push it push it again and again push it through, The Modern Institute, Glasgow (GB)
2017 WHY DO ALL YOUR MANTRAS START WITH AN “I” & Other Drawings, 16 Nicholson St. Glasgow, Glasgow (UK)
2016 Corps narratifs, Domaine départemental de Chamarande, Chamarande (FR)
Natural Selection, Galerie 5, Angers (FR)
Micromegas: Vagabond Flux, Project Space Plus, University of Lincoln, Lincolm (GB)
2015 Telephone Conversation, Maison départementale des Solidarités Espace Pyramide, Athis – Mons (FR)
Alptraum, Goa, Salon de Lirio, Fine Art Association, Velim Saclete-Goa
Micromegas: Vagabond Flux, Lille 3 University, Lille & Maison de la Culture de Tournai, Tournai (FR)
2014 Puddle, pothole, portal, Sculpture Center, Long Island City, New York (US)
L’Echo, (a Bruno Peinado project), HAB Galerie - FRAC des Pays de la Loire, Nantes (GB)
Monument, FRAC Basse-Normandie, Caen (FR)
Alptraum, UGM Maribor Art Gallery, museum for modern and contemporary art, Maribor (SI)
2013 Art from Britain and Poland since 1990, Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (PL)
What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get your new arms put on?, Crèvecœur, Paris (FR)
The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things, curated by Marc Leckey, Hayward Touring: the Bluecoat, Liverpool / Nottingham Contemporary / De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill on Sea, Everyday, GOMA, Glasgow (GB)
De belles sculptures contemporaines, HAB Galerie, Nantes (FR)
Le jour d’avant, Domaine Départemental de la Garenne Lemot, FRAC Pays de la Loire (FR)
2012 Easy Living, curated by Joey Villemont and Camille Le Houezec, Less is More Projects, Paris (FR)
Entrance, Entrance, curated by Isobel Harbison, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin (GB)
Who Decides?, Kunstverein Mannheim (DE)
Curators Egg, Anthony Reynolds Gallery, London (GB)
Looping et Boomerang, collection FRAC Basse-Normandie, Les Bains-Douches, Alençon, 2011 Hypercolon, curated by Nathaniel Mellors, SMART Projects, Amsterdam (NL)
Le Vent des forêts, public sculpture commission, France (GB)
Art Brussels, Art in the City (BE)
Les Innommables grotesques, curated by Marie Bechetoille, L MD galerie. Paris (FR)
The British Art Show 7, curated by Lisa Le Feuvre and Tom Morton, Tramway, GOMA & CCA, Glasgow (GB)
The British Art Show 7, curated by Lisa Le Feuvre and Tom Morton, The Hayward Gallery, London (UK)
Keep Floors and Passages Clear, White Columns, New York (US)
Alptraum, Cell Projects, London, Transformer, Washington DC (US)
Projektraum Deutscher Kunstlerbund e.v. Berlin, The Company, Los Angeles & Blank Projects, Cape Town (ZA)
2010 Recent British Sculpture, curated by Tom Morton, Grimm, Amsterdam (NL)
The British Art Show 7, curated by Lisa Le Feuvre and Tom Morton, Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery (GB)
Rubble Stir, The Glue Factory, Glasgow (GB)
Monsieur Miroir, curated by Emilie Renard, Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, Prix Ricard (FR)
2009 The Lobb, Cell Projects, London (GB)
Insiders - pratiques, usages, savoir-faire, CAPC, Bordeaux (FR)
L’Espirit des Lieux, Artistes en Résidence(s), Domaine Départemental de Chamarande, France (FR)
Overlap, Crèvecoeur, Paris (FR)
Talking Yoghurt, LOG, Bergamo (IT)
Tropical Truth, Circuit, Lausanne (CH)
N’importe Quoi, Museé d’Art Contemporain Lyon (FR)
2008 Outpost, Norwich, Kunstwerk Bazaar selected by Andrew Hunt. FIAC, Paris (FR)
2007 Freak Show, Museé d’Art Contemporain Lyon (FR)
Der Ficker, Fortescue Avenue/Jonathan Viner, London (GB)
2006 1, 2, 3, 4., Workplace Gallery, Newcastle (GB)
Flim Flam, Cell Project Space, London (GB)
Down With You, Bankley Studios Gallery, Manchester (GB)
Liste 06, Basel, w. Jonathan Viner (CH)
2005 Like It Matters, CCA, Glasgow (GB)
Re-Escape, Hamburg with Transmission Gallery (DE)
Open Garden, Fortescue Avenue/Jonathan Viner, London (GB)
The Thinkables, Flaca, London (GB)
2004 The Rings of Saturn, The Changing Room, Stirling (GB)
Frieze Art Fair with Transmission Gallery (GB)
Spacemakers, Lothringer Dreizehn, Munich Universal Outstretch, Flaca, London (GB)
The Late Escape, Kaiserpassage, Karlsruhe (DE)
Darling Trees Do You Need Telling, Switch Space, Glasgow (GB)
2003 Nursery World, Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris (FR)
Special Dedicace, .Musée Départemental de Rochechouart, Rochechouart (FR)

Works in institutional collections

CAPC Bordeaux (FR)
Arts Council (GB)
Domaine Départemental de Chamarande (FR)
Artothèque de Caen (FR)
FRAC Normandie Caen (FR)
FRAC Pays de la Loire (FR)
Vent des Forêts, Espace rural d’art contemporain (FR)

Publications, press

2018 The Generous Landscape: Ten Years of Jupiter Artland Foundation, Jupiter Artland Foundation, 208 pages
Catalogue de la Collection du Frac Normandie Caen, Frac Normadie Caen/Éditions Dilecta, 420 pages
The Regenerators, ΠEditions and Glasgow International, 100 Pages
2017 Torn Drawings Drawings, The Drawer n° 12 – Untitled, 60 pages
2016 BRITISH BRITISH POLISH POLISH: Art from Europe’s Edges in the Long ’90s and Today. CCA Ujazdowski Castle. Polish and English; 208 x 270 mm, 428 pages
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Critical/ Catalogue writing

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